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Salt Lake City is 4,330 feet above sea level. The city's current location used to be a prehistoric lake called Lake Bonneville. The lake covered parts of Utah, Nevada and Idaho and the eastern and northern parts of the city are located on what used to be beaches. Locals call the areas "the benches." Come visit the beautiful mountainous state of Utah for gorgeous views, soccer, and fun for the whole family.

Rio Tinto Stadium
Head 15 minutes south to Sandy Utah to catch a Real Salt Lake Major League Soccer game. Put on your red, blue and gold and chant the team's anthem, "If you believe then just stand up on your feet and shout it loud, 'real!' Here at the riot the battle hymns begun we're here for RSL!" On days when the team is not playing a home game, the stadium is open for 2.5-hour, guided behind-the-scenes tours. A ticket to the tour will get you an exclusive look at the stadium and a voucher for a regular season game. The Real Salt Lake team was born in 2004 when it was officially awarded the 12th MLS franchise. The first season brought many local government, youth soccer and community leaders out to see the newly formed team play. The team has the first MLS "youth systems" program which provides training, housing and soccer facilities for kid’s ages 12-18. "Real" means royal and connects the team to the Spanish game and royal family in Madrid. The royal theme is clear in the mascot, Leo the Lion, who proudly wears a golden crown.

Urban Adventure Quest
Take an "Amazing Race"-type jaunt across Salt Lake City with the guidance of your smartphone or tablet on the Urban Adventure Quest app. Just download the app and setup a password to access your account. Type in "Salt Lake City" and when you reach the start point you will receive instructions to start your journey! If you want to make your adventure a race, you can compete against other groups for the best point score and time. The quest will take you to 18 to 25 urban location clues or quest challenges along the game route. Competitors win points for completing the challenges and solving the clues. As you go through the quest, historical information and interesting tidbits are presented as you pass certain locations and earn clues. You can use the hint button if you're stuck, and asking locals that you happen upon is a great option as they are likely to be helpful! Quest, on!

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
Drive your car 4 miles south of Sandy to enjoy this watery world. Bring the kids and check out dangerous sharks and piranhas, beautiful rays and tiny sea horses, octopus and colorful jellyfish, waddling penguins, a rescued sea turtle, and more! The aquarium's creator, Brent Andersen, was fascinated with the sea from the moment his grandmother gave him a book about the ocean life. He earned a degree in marine biology and brought his dream of the sea to Sandy, Utah. The aquarium offers field trips, educational programs and hands-on learning that would otherwise not be possible in the landlocked state. Besides marine life, there is also an exhibit focused on the natural habitat of the state. The exhibit has river otters, plants and fish that can be spotted in the areas surrounding the aquarium. Kids love the hands-on learning experiences available at the aquarium, and who doesn't love watching sea otters play?


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