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San Francisco Rental Cars

San Francisco is a "big" city, buzzing with nearly 800,000 residents, and countless attractions including some of the most renowned sights in the country, including the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. However, geographically speaking, this city is relatively small, encompassing only 49 square miles. Visitors looking to soak in all the city has to offer can experience everything from monumental bridges to haunting islands, unique ferry rides across the Bay and the unforgettable culture.

The Most Famous Bridge in the World
One of the biggest draws to San Francisco is the sublime Golden Gate Bridge, an engineering marvel that 10 million people of all ages flock to see each year. The bridge spans a startling 1.7 mile stretch over the San Francisco Bay. Take your family across the bridge in your San Francisco rental car and become one of the approximately 120,000 automobiles that make the trip each day. If your children are up for a walk, march them across the bridge via the pedestrian walkway and continue on toward the Lands End Trail which offers remarkable views of old shipwrecks, the ruins of Sutra Baths, green hillsides peppered with wildflowers and pocket beaches.

Take a Trip to the Edge of the Piers
Everyone will love Fisherman's Wharf. This area of San Francisco includes waterfront marketplaces, the famous fishing fleet and is home to Pier 39. Stroll the pier with your family to view local celebrities: a small community of California sea lions who deck the floats to the west of the pier. Take the family over to the Wax Museum - within walking distance - where your kids can have lots of fun posing with all their favorite human celebrities. When you've had your fill of star-studded attractions, take a walk over to the renowned crab vendors to grab a deliciously fresh "walk-away" crab or shrimp cocktail.

The Inescapable Island
Alcatraz Island is sure to scare your kids straight, because it is the former home of Alcatraz prison, perched in the middle of San Francisco Bay. The prison was operational from 1934 to 1963 and was where some of the country's worst criminals were incarcerated, such as the notorious Al "Scarface" Capone. Drive over to Pier 43 and take the family on an Alcatraz Cruises ferry across the bay.

SF Lodging Options
A multicultural and metropolitan city such as San Francisco offers a wide spectrum of lodging options. StaySF.com hotels have taken the liberty of hand-selecting a few of these options with great customer reviews and a commitment to hospitality, comfort and value. These hotels are not only known for their amenities and excellent locations but also have trained team members with a customer service attitude focused on providing any information that you may need in order to enjoy the true San Francisco experience. Many of the hotels offer FREE parking and FREE wireless internet access - All are in locations that are very convenient to the Cable Car Line and public transportation.

Short Drive from the City
If you feel like branching out, you can also head inland to Gold Country. This area's small towns will lead to the glory of Yosemite National Park, and a wine lover’s paradise in Napa and Sonoma valleys. Best of all, you can also take one of the area’s legendary drives up the Pacific Coast Highway and experience Northern California’s lush forests, gorgeous sea views and amazing winding roads.

Get Out on the Road
If you’re a frequent traveler to the Bay Area, you can even get a day with a San Francisco rental for free. That’s because our Dollar Express Renter Rewards program gives you one free day for every 16 days you’ve rented with Dollar. What could be better?

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