Extend Your Business Travel Budget with Dollar Express Rewards and Dollar 4Business

Learn how to get the most of your business travel budget by joining Dollar Car Rental’s two reward programs.

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One of the best travel hacks for saving time and money on frequent travel is to join rewards programs with your favorite travel brands. When you lock in member-only deals and take advantage of rewards points and other VIP perks, it’s easy to understand what all the buzz is about.

Did you know Dollar Car Rental offers two rewards programs for business travelers and you can join both? For two times the benefits, read on and find out how to use each of Dollar’s rewards programs to your advantage.

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Savings for Small Businesses: Dollar 4Business

If the employees at your small-to-mid-sized business travel for work often, your company needs Dollar 4Business. Once you join, your business will get to take advantage of a 7%1 savings off the lowest base rate for all rentals, so you can be sure you’re always locking in the best rate possible.

But saving on base rates isn’t the only thing you have to look forward to. Your business will also get to add additional drivers to reservations for free, get unlimited mileage on all rentals, and will never be charged fees for late returns, early returns, or return changes. And if your business has drivers ages 20 to 24, the Young Renter Fee is waived, adding up to even more savings, freedom, and flexibility for your company.

Dollar 4Business is all about savings for your business. Joining is easy (and did we mention free?), and once you’re a member, you’ll receive a Corporate Discount Program number that you’ll enter in the “CDP” field every time you book. Make an easy decision for your company, and join Dollar 4Business today.

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Perks for Individual Travelers: Dollar Express Rewards

When your company joins Dollar 4Business, they’ll get to enjoy the benefits of saving on travel, but what about the actual traveler? If business takes you on the road often, Dollar Express Rewards is for you. Even if your company – and especially if your company – is a member of Dollar 4Business, you can also join Dollar Express Rewards.

Dollar Express Rewards allows you to earn points every time you rent. Once you have enough points, you can trade them in for free rental days. These points go directly to you, the renter, as our way to make frequent travel a little sweeter.

Free days2 are pretty great, but you’ll also get more benefits like counter bypass (you’re automatically assigned the best car in your class so you can avoid the line), a VIP line and counter area, and quicker reservations because your rental preferences will be saved in your unique member profile.

Dollar Express Rewards is also free to join, and once you’re a member, you just need to enter your Express ID during booking. You can easily enter both a CDP number for your Dollar 4Business account and your Express ID to reap rewards for you and your business.

If you like saving on business travel, check out this guide to five business travel hacks to save you time and money.

1 Discount applies to pay later base rate. Taxes and fees excluded. Terms apply.
2 Taxes and fees excluded.

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