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Taking care of business out of town doesn’t have to feel like all work and no play. When the meetings are over, take your breaks exploring some of the best things to do during a 48-hour trip in cities across the U.S.
Panoramic shot of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah from across train tracks with one train on them, with mountains in the background on a sunny day under blue sky.
Salt Lake City

5 Places to Visit During a Short Trip to Salt Lake City

There’s a lot to discover in Salt Lake City, Utah, whether you’re staying for a few days or a full week. Check out these top 5 SLC attractions on your next trip.

Introducing Dollar Prestige: How to Rent a Premium-Not-Pricey Car

Introducing Dollar Prestige: How to Rent a Premium-Not-Pricey Car

Did you know you can save on luxury car rentals with Dollar? Here’s everything you need to know about our Dollar Prestige collection.

New York City

Things to Do in NYC: 72 Hour Guide

With bright lights of Broadway, art at The Met, and buzzing Times Square within reach, there’s no shortage of things to do in New York City in 72-hours.

The skyline and building lights of Boston reflect over the Boston Harbor on a partly cloudy night.

Things to Do in Boston: 72-Hour Guide

Planning a quick trip to Boston? There’s a lot of cool stuff to do and see while you’re in town. Here’s a 72-hour guide to point you in the right direction.

George Washington statue lit up at dusk in the Boston Public Garden, part of the Freedom Trail, with the Boston skyline in the background.

Guide to Boston’s Most Historical Sites

If you have a free afternoon in Boston, check out these must-see historic sites. Use our guide to plan your afternoon of exploring, and where to eat after.

Things to Do in Chicago: 72 Hour Guide

With 72 hours in Chicago, you can dive deep into the city’s top historic attractions, restaurants, shopping areas, and a lot more in the downtown core.

A female small business owner stands at a counter in her workshop while talking on the phone and writing notes in a planner.

Extend Your Business Travel Budget with Dollar Express Rewards and Dollar 4Business

Learn how to get the most of your business travel budget by joining Dollar Car Rental’s two reward programs.

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