Welcome to the Windy City! Chicago is ready to keep you busy with shopping on The Magnificent Mile, museum-hopping on the shores of Lake Michigan, and awe-inspiring views of architecture around every corner.

Family Guide to Chicago

Check out the top spots for families in Chicago (including lots of free and budget-friendly attractions!). Ready to pack your bags? Download the Chicago coloring page so the kiddos can keep track of every place you visit.

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Sunset behind Chicago skyline from the water in winter.

Chicago: Make Your Dollar Go Further

You really can have big fun in a big city without a big bill. Just check out these family-friendly Chicago attractions that will make your dollar go further.


Things to Do in Chicago: Kid-Friendly Attractions

The Windy City offers a variety of attractions to suit everyone. Here’s a guide to some of the best things to do and see with your family in Chicago.

Things to Do in Chicago: 72 Hour Guide

With 72 hours in Chicago, you can dive deep into the city’s top historic attractions, restaurants, shopping areas, and a lot more in the downtown core.

chicago skyline close to sunset

Local Secrets: An Insider’s Guide to a Weekend in Chicago

Apologies to Ferris Bueller, but there’s more to do on a day off in Chicago than catching a Cubs game at Wrigley or visiting the Chicago Art Institute.

Delicious Chicago style hot dog with mustard, vegetables and relish.

Chicago: A Cultural Tour of the Windy City

The bubbling cheese on Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza and the bright green relish on the signature hot dogs may inspire you to go back for seconds, but the city offers much more than tasty bites worth a plane ride.

Couple riding a bike together.

Go Big in Chicago: Five Action-Packed Tours for Adventurers

Chicago is a city known for its rich history, beautiful natural surroundings, and vibrant, multicultural population.

View of the Downtown Chicago skyline well-lit at night with clouds in the background against a black sky

An Insider’s Guide: 48 Hours in Chicago

If you ask New Yorkers why Chicago is called Second City, they might say (with a side-eye and a huff) that it’s because it doesn’t compare to NYC.

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