Creative Ways to Save Up for Your Next Family Vacation

Looking for creative ways to save up for your next family vacation? Check out these tips and tricks and get one step closer to your next affordable getaway.

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Family vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but it’s hard to unwind when you’re constantly stressing about how you’re going to pay for it all. But here’s some good news! All it takes is a little planning and creativity, and you can bulk up your bank account and be ready for your next family adventure – without going into debt to make it happen. Check out these creative strategies to help you and your family easily save up for your next vacation.

Have an Aptitude for Savings Apps

A great tip for saving money is to create a dedicated savings account for your vacation. If that idea stresses you out, have no fear. In 2018, there seems to be an app for everything – which is great news for those who like a little extra help organizing savings. Digit comes highly recommended, and if you’re the type of person who would prefer saving money without having to think about it, this could be just the app for you. Here’s how it works: Download the app, and then connect your bank account by securely signing in through your bank’s website. Digit will then use a logic-based algorithm to determine how much you can comfortably save based on a number of variables: your account balance, approaching bills, your payday, and your spending habits. It then transfers small amounts to your new savings account on a monthly or weekly basis. By transferring in increments, Digit will slowly build up your vacation savings. Most users report that Digit takes has helped them save consistently, starting with amounts from $25-$50/ month – which can really add up. Another great app is Acorns. It’s similar in set up but uses your savings to invest, so you could see your vacation funds grow even more.

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Cut Gym Expenses and Work Out from Home

When saving up for a vacation, remember: small choices can make a really big impact. It’s amazing how much gym memberships cost nowadays, so deciding to cancel or “pause” your memberships for a season can mean big savings for your vacation. But don’t fret – this doesn’t mean you have to take a break from exercising! On the contrary, you can still stay in shape without belonging to a gym. There are so many free resources available online no matter what type of workout you’re into. If you still prefer the guidance of a coach, simply look up YouTube videos (such as yoga classes, HIIT workouts, bodyweight exercises, etc.) on your phone or tablet. Another great idea is to make your workouts a family affair and go on hikes, bike rides or runs with your little ones. You can use this time for everyone to not only exercise together but to also bond as a family – and talk about what you are most looking forward to on your upcoming vacation!

Save Money While Spending Money

It sounds counter-intuitive, but there are a range of ways to actually save money without cutting your usual purchases. Consider signing up for and using a credit card that will accumulate airline miles for your regular expenditures and purchases throughout the year. As long as you responsibly pay off your credit card every month, you will accumulate points which can easily be redeemed for rewards such as airline tickets and hotel reservations – meaning the bulk of your next family vacation could be free by the end of the year! If using a credit card gives you pause, there are also ways to earn a lot of frequent flier miles without signing up for a credit card by doing things such as online shopping, ordering food online, taking surveys, etc.

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Make Sales So You Can Set Sail

Gone are the days where the only way you could make money on your belongings was to spend your whole weekend having a yard sale. With websites like Craigslist, Shopify, and Facebook Marketplace, you can easily sell items in your house that you no longer use – all without ever having to step outside. Just think, by clearing out your kid’s closet of clothes they no longer fit into or getting rid of that air mattress that’s never been opened, you can easily make some extra money that can go directly towards vacation purchases. Plus, your house will be emptied of all those items taking up extra space – talk about a win-win!

Saving money doesn’t have to be complicated. With just a little commitment to these four tips, you and your family could be all set to take the vacation of a lifetime without breaking your bank. Ready, set, save!

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