Did You Know You Can Rent a Premium Vehicle with Dollar? Here’s How.

With Dollar Prestige, you can rent a premium vehicle without the premium price tag. Learn how to reserve an affordable rate on the Infiniti Q50 luxury sedan.

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Are you looking to up your game on your next vacation rental car – without upping your costs? Well, it’s your lucky day. Allow us to introduce Dollar Prestige: a curated collection of luxury vehicles offered at the same affordable rates you’ve come to know and love. Learn how to rent from Dollar Prestige, as well as what types of premium vehicles you can drive. Let Dollar take your vacation to the next level, and get ready to enjoy premium rentals without the premium price tags.

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What Vehicles Can I Rent with Dollar Prestige?

Whether you’re heading out on a family vacation, navigating a big city for a weekend trip, or visiting your clients for business, there’s never been a better time to take your trip to the next level with a luxury rental. So, as you plan your next trip, treat yourself! Rather than choosing the same car you usually drive, reserve a luxury vehicle so that you can use your time on the road to relish all the comforts, bells, and whistles that luxury cars provide.

When you choose from Dollar Prestige, you can get behind the wheel of premium vehicles like the Infiniti Q50, Infiniti Q70, or Cadillac XTS. Prepare yourself for small luxuries that will significantly improve your time on the road like extremely comfortable seats, high-performance engines, and sleek styles that will make you the talk of any town. And of course, you can take additional comfort in the affordable price tag that will make you wonder why you haven’t rented a luxury vehicle on all your trips.

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How Do I Rent from Dollar Prestige?

Pack your bags – the reservation process for renting a Dollar Prestige vehicle is as easy as it is with any other car class we offer! The only specific requirement for Dollar Prestige is that you are at least 25 years or older.

If you meet the age requirement, start a new reservation with the following information: your pick-up and drop-off locations and the dates of your rental. Then, select Prestige as the car class you would like to rent.

If you choose to prepay online (this is recommended for an easier, faster pickup experience for your rental, plus even more savings), you will need to provide a credit card to complete your reservation.

After filling out the necessary information, your reservation is complete! Get ready to hop into a comfortable, stylish vehicle as soon as you hop off your plane.

We hope this guide has you feeling inspired and ready to take your upcoming trips to luxurious new levels. If you’re looking for ideas on the perfect setting to pair with your Dollar Prestige vehicle, check out our affordable guides to cities across the U.S.

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