Parent’s Guide to Your Child’s First Concert

Are you considering taking your child to their first concert? Check out this guide filled with tips and tricks on how to make this milestone experience fun for everyone.

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Parenting is full of milestones, but your child’s first concert is one that can be fun for everyone involved, including you, mom and dad! With a little planning, your whole family can enjoy the lights, spectacle, and nothing-like-it experience of a live music show. Follow the simple tips in this guide to learn how to make your kiddos’ first concert-going experience a positive one (for everyone)!

First things first, ask yourself an important question that only you can answer: what age is right for your child’s first concert? Depending on the type of show, and your child’s personality, it can be pretty young. The key, experts say, is to check in with your child’s interest, then start with shorter performances, pick seats wisely, and pack plenty of distractions. Stay attentive: If anyone is about to have a meltdown, then it’s time to take a walk for the sake of fellow concertgoers. Here are some more tips for having a fun time at concerts with kids.

A young boy watches a concert performance while sitting on his mom’s lap on a warm evening.

Pick Kid-Friendly Concerts

It won’t take much to know if the show is right or wrong for your little one. Maybe it starts way too late, or the audiences are known to be too rowdy. To save yourself from embarrassing questions about lyrics or even awkward situations with the people sitting next to you, do your homework. Go online to research the band by visiting their website and checking out live shows on YouTube, if possible. If the shows seem appropriate for your kids, then pop in a CD in the car or play one of their Pandora stations to judge their reaction. If the lyrics are kid-friendly and your child is excited about what they hear, you may have found a winner!

A mother watches while her two young children smile and play with bubbles while sitting outdoors on the grass during an early evening concert

Pack for Fun

Whether the concert is part of a multi-day music festival or just one night nearby home, you’ll need to start planning early. Check the venue’s website to read up on its rules. Many allow one unopened bottle of water per person and snacks like almonds, dried fruit, and candy. If the show is outdoors, then pack a backpack with essentials, including sunblock, sunglasses, a warm layer, and a blanket if your seats are on a lawn. If you can, pack a kid-friendly picnic and throw in a few coloring books or toys to keep little hands occupied if they start to lose interest in the tunes.

Make a Safety Plan

Concerts can get really loud. The most important thing you can bring is hearing protection for you and your children. Earplugs are great for adults and older kids, while protective earphones are vital for younger ones. Get your family used to wearing them well before the show by giving the headphones an exciting name like “Happy Music Hats” and having your kids play games to see who can wear theirs the longest, that way they’ll be ready to wear them at the concert without any fits or arguments.

A young child wears pink ear protectors at a concert with stage lights seen in the distance on a spring evening.

Another important thing to remember is to buy the right tickets — assigned, aisle seats are the best, but if it’s general admission, then plan on lingering toward the back. Do you have a plan if you get separated? Designate a meeting place right as you enter, and consider slapping a sticker with contact info on your kid’s shirt just in case. Another good idea? Glow stick necklaces help you keep an eye on little ones.

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