Top Seafood Restaurants in Fort Myers, Florida

From casual New England style seafood to classy oyster bars, Fort Myers, Florida, is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the state. Check out these three top seafood restaurants on your next visit to Fort Myers.

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A Fort Myers vacation should always include dining on some of the city’s fresh seafood. Casual or classy, the city is home to some top-notch seafood restaurants. Don’t miss these favorites, each with a different vibe and menu.

Maine lobster roll with fries on checkered parchment paper at the Cape Cod Fish Co. in Fort Myers, Florida

Cape Cod Fish Co.

Cape Cod is famous for its seafood, so why not bring the Cape to the Gulf Coast? But don’t get all dressed up to visit this New England-style, casual restaurant. Cape Cod Fish Co. serves up a mean “lobstah” roll along with Ipswich steamer clams, Rhode Island clam cakes, and lots of other classic dishes.

Dining with someone who isn’t a fan of seafood? (What?) They won’t have to resort to eating salad. The menu also includes burgers — even a black bean burger — and hot dogs, like the monsters they serve at Fenway Park. The owner is an authentic Northeasterner, and every bite of each dish is as authentic as it gets.

Blue Pointe Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill

With seafood from the North Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Great Lakes (impressive, right?), Blue Pointe Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill wants you to sample the best of the best from the water. This restaurant is more upscale, so make it a date night! Sneak in some pics of the food to post on your Instagram page. The dishes are just that pretty.

Oysters served on stone plate with ice with green parsley and a lemon wedge on a black table at Blue Pointe Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill in Fort Myers, Florida, restaurant

No more oversized menus that are impossible to open without knocking over your water glass. The menu is on a tablet with colorful photos and descriptions. If you’re not even sure what squid looks like, just look it up. You can’t play Candy Crush on the tablet, but you can get a sneak peek of all the dishes.

The trained waiters are ready to answer any question — no matter how silly — and make recommendations. Always have trouble deciding what you want? The top favorites include the lobster bisque, grilled black grouper berry salad, the oyster/raw bar, and the catch of the day — cooked exactly how you like it. If the weather is nice, sit outside and enjoy the breeze while you dine. It’s Florida!

Variety of fresh, colorful seafood from a steamer pot served on a plate at Prawnbroker Restaurant and Fish Market in a Fort Myers, Florida

Prawnbroker Restaurant and Fish Market

Love a good play on words? Then Prawnbroker Restaurant is already off to a good start. The stars of the menu are local seafood, including Gulf shrimp, grouper, mahi mahi, and Florida stone crabs, but the chef is happy to throw in some non-native Maine lobster for lobster fans. Pay careful attention to the fresh fish report with your menu; it lists the daily fresh-caught specials.

The restaurant serves up some turf to go along with the surf, so you can get a good steak when you’re not in the mood for seafood. On your way out, stop by the market to pick up fresh fish and stock up on sauces and recipes. Take home some chowders and bisques, and pass ’em off as your own. No one ever has to know.

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