Say hello to Houston! Space City has plenty for visitors of all ages. Whether you spend hours in the Museum District or explore Buffalo Bayou Park, don't miss the city's exciting food scene. Whatever you do, you'll find Houston is a happening place to be!

Family Guide to Houston

Check out the top spots for families in Houston (including lots of free and budget-friendly attractions!). Ready to pack your bags? Download the Houston coloring page so the kiddos can keep track of every place you visit.

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A couple rides along a bike path in Houston, Texas, on a warm and sunny afternoon.

Houston: Make Your Dollar Go Further

Searching for a new and exciting – and affordable – getaway for the family? Look no further than Houston, Texas. Here’s a guide to can’t-miss attractions that won’t break the bank.

I 'heart' Houston spelled out in colored tiles

A Family Guide to Houston’s Theme Parks

From boardwalks to theme parks, Houston, Texas is a great city for the entire family to enjoy. Use this guide to family-friendly attractions in Houston.

Overhead photo of bowl of Vietnamese beef pho with chopsticks, Thai basil, cilantro and jalapeños next to a bowl of toppings on a wooden table in a restaurant in Houston, Texas

Follow the Local Lead: Discover the Real Houston

Houston, Texas entertains with plenty of quirky attractions, unusual park spaces, and innovative performing arts. Visit Houston to explore these unique options offered to the curious traveler.

Houston skyline in front of bright sunset

A Day in Houston’s Museum District

Even if your visit to Houston is short, you should still take time to visit the Museum District with 19 museums and 4 walkable zones.


4 Houston Adventures that Satisfy a Need for Speed

Heading to Houston, Texas, and fancy yourself a thrill-seeker? Use this guide for tips on 4 adrenaline-pumping activities for you to explore in this Texan city. From horse races to wakeboarding, adventure awaits.

A view of the Houston Symphony on stage in front of an uplit red curtain preparing for performance in Houston, Texas

Tap into Houston’s Cultural Wealth

Houston may be smack in the middle of oil country, but you don’t have to drill down very far to find artistic and cultural riches in this vibrant city.

A white platter of BBQ smoked brisket and ribs with corn, corn bread and coleslaw sits on a table during daytime in a restaurant in Houston, Texas

7 Houston Barbecue Joints You Don’t Want to Miss

Texas and barbecue go together like macaroni and cheese, so any city in the Lone Star State offers its fair share of great barbecue spots. Houston is no exception, and it has its own collection of pitmasters and BBQ experts, all of whom will argue that theirs is the best.