48 Hour Guide to Minneapolis

Minnesota isn’t glitzy like South Beach, Miami, or Honolulu, but you know what else Minneapolis isn’t? Ridiculously expensive and super far away.

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Minnesota isn’t glitzy like South Beach, Miami, or Honolulu, but you know what else Minneapolis isn’t? Ridiculously expensive and super far away. It’s actually a cool, down-to-earth place to let your hair down for a weekend of fun. If you’re looking for a quick getaway, you won’t run out of picture-perfect places to check out or yummy spots to eat in Minneapolis. You might even get a chance to catch a fly ball at Target Field. Want more? Don’t worry, the friendly locals are happy to share tips on what’s good.

With a Cherry on Top

Modern brick buildings in red and grey are pictured in the foreground near the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, against a clear, bright blue sky and the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the background

Stretch your legs with a walk around the modern, edgy Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, located next to the Walker Art Center at 725 Vineland Place. This 11-acre park has one of the largest collections of outdoor art in the nation, with 40 larger-than-life pieces, including the unique “Spoonbridge and Cherry.” What’s a spoonbridge, you ask? Good question. You’ll have to show up to figure that out for yourself! Pop in to the center itself for a look at more of the city’s thought-provoking (head-scratching?) art.

Get Grubbin’

Nothing like good, down to earth cookin’ to make you fall in love with a city. Minneapolis takes its farming roots to heart with a huge number of restaurants that don’t break the bank, require you to use a certain fork, or even make you dress fancily. Al’s Breakfast — think of it as a dive diner in Dinkytown — is great for breakfast or lunch. Need some warm Midwestern smiles to go with all those local ingredients? Head on over to The Bachelor Farmer or Birchwood Café for dinner. If you’re feeling a little rustic, you could also count the sets of antlers on the wall at Blackbird. (No blackbird on the menu — it’s just a cool name.)

Walk It Off

The Stone Arch Bridge is pictured in the foreground, reflected against still waters of the Mississippi River with the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota illuminated in the background against a sky at sunset

Love the sight of bright colors in the sky? Catch an unbelievable view of the sunset on top of Stone Arch Bridge. It’s the prettiest landmark in Minneapolis and the only stone bridge across the Mississippi River. Lots of folks jog here, but it’s OK to take a slower stroll while snapping pics of the city’s best view of the Falls of St. Anthony and downtown. Head to the intersection of West River Road and Portland Avenue to check out this former railway bridge built in the late 1800s.

A (T)Winning Afternoon

A man and woman are pictured in blue, leaning on a railing in the foreground as they look over a baseball game at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Did you get tickets for the big game? Yes! Slap on your favorite red, white, and blue Twins jersey, and head to Target Field for a Minnesota Twins game. These repeat World Series champs will show you an all-American afternoon at the ballpark. Buy a bag of Cracker Jacks, and belt out “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at the top of your lungs during the seventh-inning stretch.

Where Irish Eyes Smile

Three young men sit in The Local in front of a brightly-lit window in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Maybe not top o’ the morning, but any other time is good to swing in to the popular downtown Irish establishment known as The Local. Look for the big orange, white, and green striped flag to find a heaping plate of fish and chips.

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