Eating Your Way Through Philadelphia, PA

Philly is known for its cheesesteak, but the city offers so much more. Pack your appetite and check out these places to eat in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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As the birthplace of the nation, Philadelphia is a history buff’s dream, but exploring the country’s rich past can certainly work up an appetite. The City of Brotherly Love satisfies hungry tourists with a broad range of tasty offerings. Although you simply can’t leave town without sinking your teeth into an authentic cheesesteak sandwich, the city serves up numerous other culinary delights, including crabfries with creamy cheese sauce and a cannoli-doughnut hybrid. If you’re looking for places to satisfy your exploring appetite in Philadelphia, check our list below for ideas.

A fresh pizza with cheese, onions, tomatoes, and fresh basil.

Pitruco Pizza

When you get a craving for pizza, you might not think about looking for a food truck, but it’s a delicious option in Philly. A brick-oven pizza joint on wheels, Pitruco Pizza, offers mouthwatering 11-inch pies that are wood-fired to perfection. Parked at various locations throughout Philly’s city center to meet the lunch and dinner needs of locals and visitors, you can track the truck’s location on their Twitter. It’s a delicious way to fuel up for more sightseeing, and you can’t go wrong with the soppressata with pancetta, onion, mozzarella, and pecorino.

Chickie’s & Pete’s World-Famous Crabfries

Although many people first try Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab House and Sports Bar for the seafood, they often come back for the crabfries. Found at numerous locations in and around Philly, the restaurant serves up crispy, crinkle-cut French fries with a secret blend of spices and a creamy white cheese sauce for dipping. The blonde lobster pie, jumbo lump crab cakes, and mussels with warm Italian bread all go great with a plate of crabfries.

Frangelli’s Cannoli-Doughnut Hybrid

This quaint spot in the heart of South Philly has what your sweet tooth craves. On the corner of Ritner and 9th, Frangelli’s Bakery serves up the Franolli, a delectable blend of doughnut and cannoli. Starting with a 70-year-old recipe, each doughnut is hand-cut, allowed to rise, deep-fried, sliced, and filled with chocolate chip cannoli cream. Locals and visitors agree that Frangelli’s makes the best doughnuts in the city. Stop in and see for yourself.

Caramel-covered popcorn spills out of a brown paper bag that is tipped on its side.

Khyber Pass Pub’s Bacon-Grease Popcorn

Yes, definitely order a fried shrimp po’ boy and smoked cheddar fries, but if you happen to be near Khyber Pass Pub in Old City, don’t pass up the popcorn. Served in a generously sized brown paper bag, Benton’s fresh-popped, bacon grease popcorn comes with a dusting of Cajun spices for a smoky treat. Because it’s downright addictive, it’s hard to stop at a single bag.

Scoops of vanilla ice cream floats on top of a root beer float in a frosted mug.

Franklin Fountain’s Root Beer Float

Visiting Philly on a warm day? Head to Franklin Fountain in Old City for an old-time root beer float. Handmade onsite, the root beer bubbles with flavors of brown sugar, sassafras, anise, birch, and cinnamon — the perfect complement to the vanilla bean ice cream. Served in an extra-tall, icy mug, it’s a nostalgic treat. For another rare summertime sweet, try a dish or a cone filled with Franklin Fountain’s honeycomb ice cream made with local honey from Philadelphia Bee Company.

Part of the fun of exploring a new city is diving into the food scene. Philadelphia doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delicious local eats. Share your favorite dishes with us on Instagram.

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