White Phoenix Arizona flag symbol painted on red brick

Where to Soak Up Local Culture in Phoenix

Although Phoenix offers a huge array of attractions for tourists, we have a suggestion for your next trip: ditch your standard travel guides and go where the locals go.

An aerial view of Phoenix, Arizona during the day, with a main road going into the city, the skyline behind it and the desert mountains in the background

48-Hour Guide to Phoenix

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, an average temperature of 72 degrees, and a vibrant, walkable downtown, Phoenix, Arizona, is a great place to spend 48 hours.

Aerial view of Phoenix cityscape

4 Thrilling Activities in Phoenix

An oasis in the middle of the mighty Sonoran Desert, Phoenix, Arizona, is a hot destination year-round.

Looking down phoenix atop south mountain on a clear day

5 Outdoor History Adventures in Phoenix

Phoenix has boundless natural beauty that rivals any of its man-made attractions.

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