A Guide to the Best Local Food in Phoenix

Whether you’re sitting down for a leisurely meal or grabbing something on the go, Phoenix is brimming with local flavor.

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Whether you’re sitting down for a leisurely meal or grabbing something on the go, Phoenix is brimming with local flavor. A number of innovative chefs are eager to put Arizona’s capital city on the cuisine map, and diners are the real winners when they settle in for a bite to eat. Try out a few of these local favorites the next time you’re in town.

Phoenix Public Market Café

The Phoenix Public Market teems with local growers selling produce plucked from nearby farms, freshly baked goods, and fresh meats to take home, but if you have time to eat on the spot, don’t miss the chance to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the adjacent café. With a relaxed vibe and a menu sourced directly from the market, the café serves up delicious made-to-order dishes.

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The salad selections are particularly creative, with an “Eat the Rainbow” option consisting of a smorgasbord of market veggies and three dipping sauces. The “Superfood Salad” includes kale, quinoa, avocado, and other goodies to satisfy your palate and your conscience.

Postino WineCafe

Simple fare with local flair is Postino’s specialty. Soups, salads, and paninis make up the bulk of the menu, although brunch is also available. If you’re dining in a group, order a bruschetta to share. You can choose four delicious combinations from a selection of 12 options. The fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil and the brie with apples and fig spread are particular favorites. The impressive wine selection makes it easy to find the right pairing for any meal. With several locations throughout the city, there’s always a delicious meal just around the corner.

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Matt’s Big Breakfast

Eat a hearty breakfast in the morning, and you won’t go hungry for the rest of the day — at least, that’s the idea at Matt’s Big Breakfast. Everything on the menu is homemade with the highest quality ingredients, including cage-free eggs, grain-fed pork, and all-natural beef. From the salami scramble to the made-from-scratch waffles, breakfast foods are the restaurant’s specialty, but a number of sandwiches are also available for lunch.


Sourced from Arizona’s farmers and purveyors, the menu at FnB is a kaleidoscope of flavors that changes seasonally. This gastropub serves an array of fresh salads, creative pasta dishes, and perfectly seasoned meats. Order a local wine to pair with the meal. The restaurant features the first Arizona-only wine program, which virtually guarantees you can find the right choice to complement your locally-inspired dish of choice.

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Tacos Chiwas

A trip to Phoenix wouldn’t be complete without tacos, but not just any tacos will do. This unassuming storefront has a limited menu, but every selection highlights the unique flavors of Mexico. Dine on juicy pork and beef cuts, fresh salsa, and mouthwatering red sauce, all served on piping hot, made-to-order corn tortillas.

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