6 Spots for Fine Chocolates in San Francisco

After a day of exploring the winding streets of San Francisco, give yourself a pick-me-up with chocolate that hits it out of the park every time.

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After a day of exploring the winding streets of San Francisco, give yourself a pick-me-up with chocolate that hits it out of the park every time. You certainly have more choices than you can imagine. If you can dream it, you can eat it or drink it in San Fran. Hit these top chocolate stops to top off a perfect dinner, get a quick dose of sugar, or to score some sweet gifts.

Famous Ghirardelli Square external sign shown during sunset in San Francisco, California"

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Loco for cocoa? Make a beeline for Ghirardelli Square, home of the Original Chocolate Manufactory, Ghirardelli Marketplace in the West Plaza, and Ghirardelli-on-the-Go on Beach Street. Dig into a gooey hot fudge sundae, and pick up a bag — or two — of the classic chocolate squares to take home. (Okay, they probably won’t last that long, but it’s always worth a try.) Make sure to try new flavors with a kick, like dark chocolate bourbon caramel.

Socola Chocolatier & Barista

Sink your teeth into chocolates with wild flavors like Guinness stout and cinnamon toast at Socola Chocolatier & Barista on Folsom Street. Sit down and get cozy with a cup of rich hot chocolate with chocolate marshmallows, and snag some treats like raspberry Pop Rocks chocolate bars and pretzel-and-potato-chip milk chocolate bars. If you’re brave, try the dangerous — dangerously smelly, that is — durian truffles.

Multiple rows of bite-sized chocolate hearts and Baochong Tea Trufflesin a case at Socola Chocolatier & Barista in San Francisco, California


Dandelion Chocolate Factory

Knock back killer hot chocolate or a frozen chocolate drink while digging into mind-blowing brownies, cookies, and S’mores at Dandelion Chocolate Factory and Cafe. Stay a little longer to watch chocolatiers turn cocoa beans into chocolate bars, or book your own chocolate tour. Swing by the Dandelion shop in the Mission District or the kiosk in the Ferry Terminal Building to pick up your favorites.

Delicious Dandelion Chocolate S’more, chocolate square dessert with marshmallow and graham cracker, on a white plate in San Francisco, California"

Source: “Dandelion Chocolate S’More – excellent” by Daniel Zemans

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Recchiuti Confections

Zip over to Recchiuti Confections’ for chocolates with off-the-charts flavors like lavender vanilla or chocolate classics like fudge brownies, chocolate graham crackers, and S’mores bites. Pick up a S’mores kit to take the fun home, or grab supplies like a jar of extra-bitter chocolate sauce to take your homemade desserts to the next level. Recchiuti’s flagship shop is in the Ferry Building Marketplace. Recchiuti at the Lab serves desserts, chocolate drinks, and more on 22nd Street in the Dogpatch neighborhood.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

This Hayes Street shop whips up colorful chocolates and other awesome treats. Check out the chocolate bars with crazy flavor combos, like peanut butter-and-toasted-corn milk chocolate. Score points — lots of points — when you bring home a canister of Christopher Elbow’s rich drinking chocolate or a box of dark chocolates filled with peanut brittle and four different kinds of jams.

Charles Chocolates

Spoil yourself with a trip to Charles Chocolates on Florida Street for fresh-made chocolates with flavors like mojito heart and espresso caramel. You could even start your own secret stash of mini toffee coffee bars. Grab seats on the patio outside, and take your time enjoying every chocolate-y bite.

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