4 Adventures in San Jose for Adrenaline Junkies

Skydiving, fencing, and snorkeling are just a few of the adventures worth trying in San Jose, California. If you’re a thrill seeker headed to San Jose, throw caution to the wind and tackle these four adventures.

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In the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California, is known for its tech startups. Does it surprise you to learn the city also has its share of thrills? No, not virtual reality — actual real-life adventures. Try these four adventurous activities in San Jose, and live to tell (and share) the tale.

Man wearing green parachute and black helmet is seen above the Earth as he skydives from plane over San Jose, California on a clear day

Fly the Sky

If jumping out of a small plane is your idea of fun, why not do it over San Jose? Skydiving here gives you breathtaking views of the greater Bay Area. Stop holding your breath, and do some thrill screaming as you freefall at 120 miles per hour with an instructor on your back. Don’t forget to pull that ripcord for a nice, smooth finish. For extra fun, look for your hotel or other attractions, and check out the traffic on the 101.

If you’re too chicken to jump out of an actual plane, try a slightly less thrilling indoor skydiving experience at iFly in Union City. It takes the excitement down a notch, but you can do this kind of skydiving in any weather.

Four scuba divers underwater swim along the bottom of the deep blue ocean in San Jose, California

Take a Deep Dive

Scuba diving and San Jose? Say what? The city isn’t far from the Pacific, and it’s full of great scuba schools just waiting to get you started. You can take the one-time Discover Scuba course or an open water certification class to earn your own magic scuba card that allows you to dive almost anywhere. Classes and pool diving experiences are in San Jose, but you will head to Monterey Bay for the open-water dive portion. Chilly water? You bet! But you can check cold water diving off your bucket list as you get ready for all the tropical dives in your future.

Ride the Waves

Okay, so San Jose doesn’t have direct ocean access, but it’s close to the bay and reservoirs. To ride some big waves, drive about 35 miles over to Santa Cruz on the Pacific Coast. Take a kayaking tour, or hit the waves on your own board. The waters in Santa Cruz harbor are calmer, but nearby Monterey Bay gives you an adventurous, choppy, open-water experience.

If you want a hint of adventure with a higher level of safety, head to Stevens Creek Reservoir near Cupertino. With 92 acres of water and no powerboats allowed, it’s a great place to learn to kayak and test your balance on a stand-up paddleboard. No loud motors or big wakes allowed!

Two men in traditional fencing attire lunge while fencing against black background at the Fencing Center in San Jose, California

Parry and Thrust

If you really want to wow your buddies, take up fencing. No, not the kind that has you stepping on nails and smashing your thumb every five minutes. The kind that makes you look like a first-rate warrior! San Jose is home to the Fencing Center, a facility that churns out Olympic athletes. Surely it can do something with you!

Sign up for classes, and get ready to blow your friends away with your fiery skills. It’s a good sport for challenging your body and mind, which is why some call it “physical chess.” Now, that’s sexy!

From the sky to the water and beyond, San Jose has more to offer than techy pastimes. Tag us in your San Jose adventures on Instagram.

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