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3 business travel tips for the holiday season

10/24/2014 5:21:11 PM

Summer has come to a close and the holiday season is approaching. With that in mind, business travelers may want to start preparing for the festive time of year in advance. After all, hotel rooms, car rentals and other travel necessities can be scooped up fast by people going out of town to visit family and friends. Get ready with these tips:

Start early
Sometimes, business trips come with little warning, but when possible, plan ahead of time. Book your airline tickets, hotel and car rental early, and try to aim for a direct flight to save time and hassle.

Check alternative airports
You may be accustomed to leaving from one hub every time you go out of town, but it may be beneficial to look at the costs and flight options from other nearby airports. This is particularly true during the holiday season, when flights can be canceled due to weather conditions and when there are generally more delays caused by high volumes of travelers.

Be extra attentive while driving
The holidays come with extra dangers on the road - slick conditions, drunk drivers and more. When driving your business car rental, put away all distractions and drive defensively to avoid accidents that could cause issues with your schedule and be dangerous to your well-being.

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