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Helpful advice for fearful flyers

3/20/2015 3:23:36 PM

One of the most common ways to travel these days is via air, but not everyone enjoys the experience. If you are a fearful flyer, here are some tips for remaining calm:

Arrive early
Avoid the stress of potentially being late by arriving to the airport and your gate early. This way you can relax for a while and take your mind off of the impending flight. 

Bring a friend
Traveling alone may amplify your nerves. If you can, have a friend or family member accompany you on a flight. They can help to calm you down and take your mind off of what worries you.

Distract yourself
Instead of thinking about how high you are flying, bury your head in a book or play a game on your phone. Try meditation to keep your breathing calm along with your mind. You can even plan out what you will do once the plane has landed, like pick up your airport car rental and then head to your hotel. This will help you gain back a sense of control while occupying your thoughts with something other than what you're afraid of. 

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