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Bring these books on your next business trip

4/23/2015 4:11:19 PM

Taking a trip often involves some downtime. You could spend your time reading as you wait in line for security, sit at the airport gate and possibly if someone else is driving your business travel car rental. Here are some options for good reading:

If you enjoy a good story line with intricate characters, bring a long a novel. Consider a mystery or even a romance to pass the time.

Want to learn about the life of a president, inventor, business person or other interesting individual? There are plenty of biographies for you to pick up and enjoy while traveling.

Whether you're looking for inspirational words to help you stick to clean eating or you want to learn how to be a better salesperson, self-improvement books should have a place in every passenger's bag. Not only will you be learning something new and helpful, but someone who sees you with the book may have a similar goal to you and start a conversation. The potential for networking is especially high if you're working on a business-related book.

A mix
If you have room (or are a voracious reader), consider bringing two books, like a novel and a biography. This allows you to pick the tome that goes with your mood or concentration level.

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