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2 tips for business travel in autumn

8/25/2014 6:14:52 PM

When traveling domestically, people often feel more at ease - the weather conditions may not vary as much from the Southwest to the Midwest as they might on another continent, particularly in the milder months of autumn. You may find that the moment you step off the plane and head off to pick up your airport car rental that you're under-prepared for the fall conditions. Get ready with these tips:

Track the weather

While fall is generally one of the tamer seasons, there can arise drastic weather conditions that can affect your travel. Hurricane Irene, for example, caused a massive number of cancelations in autumn 2011. In order to avoid being stranded in unfamiliar locations due to phenomena like this, be sure to check the weather before heading out to the airport. If you can't cancel or reschedule your flight, consider insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen cancelations.

Pack appropriately

In cases when fall weather is unpredictable, you don't want to be caught out in the cold without a coat and gloves. Be sure to pack a jacket, which you can leave in your business car rental so it's on hand in case of an emergency situation.


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