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Parking tips for business travel

8/13/2014 5:34:14 PM

After you deboard the plane and pick up your business car rental, there's a moment to relax and take in a deep breath following your long journey. But then it's time to hit the road and deal with the difficulties of navigating an unfamiliar destination - and parking is one of the biggest nuisances. Try these suggestions for easy parking during your next trip:

Ask the concierge

The concierge of your hotel is perhaps the most knowledgeable person who can provide you with advice. Ask him or her where the best and least expensive place to park is near your destination, whether it's a restaurant you're visiting on your down time or an important meeting. If the concierge is particularly helpful, feel free to tip - he or she may be more inclined to keep providing you with such advice during your stay.

Use a smartphone app

There are a plethora of smartphone apps on the market aimed at helping you find parking garages, but one of the most helpful is Best Parking. You can search for parking for your corporate car rental according to your destination and when you plan on arriving and departing, and it will find the lowest parking rates available.

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