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Winter driving tips

1/14/2015 6:06:34 PM

When traveling you may end up driving a car rental in weather totally unlike where you are used to. It's important to be prepared for all sorts of driving conditions. Here are some tips for safe driving in the winter time:

Check your vehicle
Before getting into the car always check that the windows and mirrors are clear of snow and ice. Hastily brushing it off can lead to areas that are difficult to see and may require you to pull over and properly clean the car. Use a windshield scraper to remove any ice from your wiper blades so that you can use them if necessary. Also check your  front and back lights are easily visible. 

Go slower than normal
When snow and ice cover the roadways they seriously affect how much your car reacts turning and braking. If you drive slower than normal you will have a better chance of being able to stop before an intersection or turn without fishtailing when the road is slippery. 

Keep your tank near full
In the winter you may find yourself facing some dangerous weather. Keep a lot of gas in your tank and you'll feel safer with the knowledge that you will not end up stranded and out of gas in a snowstorm.

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