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Tips for Dog Friendly Travel

People love their pets. And in an era of pet purses, dog strollers and gourmet treats created specifically for your four-legged friends, it’s no wonder that dogs are no longer left to the care of friends and family when their human counterparts are away.

Unfortunately, traveling with a dog can present some unique problems that you may not have thought of, like car sickness and hotels that may not accept Fido or Fifi as their guest. So in case you’re thinking of taking a road trip with “man’s best friend,” here are a few tips that will help you make it a better experience for all:

  • Animals allowed. If you’re flying to your destination then renting a car, make sure that your car rental company allows pets in their vehicles.

  • A clean bill of health. Take your pet for a check-up. This way you can not only make sure your dog is healthy, but you can get a bona fide health certificate proving that your dog’s vaccines are up to date. (Many hotels and even doggie day camps won’t let dogs join the fun without one.)

  • ID your dog. Outfit your dog with easy-to-read identification tags. And if his collar is a little on the worn side or has never fit properly, now is the perfect time to invest in a new one.

  • A few of his favorite things. Just like the rest of us, dogs love to travel with a few of the comforts of home. So don’t forget to pack his bed, a ball and his favorite plush toy.

  • A little restraint, please. Dogs left to roam freely in the car not only run the risk of being seriously injured in an accident, but if they climb into your lap or near the pedals, they also run the risk of causing an accident. While riding in the car, it’s best to keep your dog either housed in his carrier or otherwise restrained using a specially designed doggie seatbelt. Both can be found at most major pet stores.

One last note about traveling with your pet: An estimated 100,000 dogs die from falling from trucks each year, so if you have no other option than to cart your dog to your destination in a truck, then put him into a correctly sized carrier and securely tie it down.

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