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Fuel Efficient Cars: 30 MPG or Better

There’s been a lot of talk about fuel efficiency… and it can get a little confusing. The rules seem to be in a constant state of flux – and in this case, they are. But rather than go into a philosophical discussion about what really constitutes fuel efficiency – and what really makes a vehicle “green” – (which includes both fuel efficiency and a car’s carbon footprint), one way you can gauge the “greenness” of a car is by MPG (or miles per gallon). It’s the meat of the matter for a lot of people and – a pretty important part of the equation no matter who you ask.

In general, many consider a vehicle with a blended MPG of 30 or greater to be a “fuel-efficient” vehicle. Based on this standard, in the model year 2009, there seem to be plenty of options for people looking to raise their MPG. Some of the cars available include:

  • Toyota Prius (and most other hybrids)
  • Mini Cooper
  • Chevrolet Aveo
  • Ford Focus
  • Hyundai Accent

If you don’t own a high-MPG vehicle but are thinking about buying one, a great way to put your car of choice to the test is to rent one. This way you can see how they handle and test the MPG against your current car – and all without committing to ownership.

Even if you already own a high-MPG car, there are still ways you can improve your car’s fuel efficiency. For tips on increasing your miles-per-gallon, check out the post 5 Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency and hit the road!

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