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Rental Car GPS & Other Optional Extras

With more cars on the road than ever before, plus unexpected toll roads and the ever-changing lay of the land in a lot of cities, driving anywhere can be a bit of a challenge. But you don’t need to hire a local driver to get you where you need to go… all you need to do is to fork over just a little extra cash at the rental car counter and in no time you’ll be driving like a local. Some of the extras that can make your life easier while on the road include:

  • GPS Navigation. With turn-by-turn instructions to everywhere, you can hit the road without wondering if you’ve taken a wrong turn or you’ve bypassed your destination.

  • Pass24®. This pre-paid toll pass will let you zoom through toll booths (legally).

  • RoadSafeSM. If you don’t have a credit card or auto insurance with built-in roadside assistance, this inexpensive little add-on will save you from having to hire a tow truck or locksmith if an unforseen incident occurs on the road.

  • Dollar EXPRESS. Sign up for free membership and get faster counter service, renter’s rewards and more.

  • Child Safety Seat. Rather than flying with one and hauling it through the airport to the rental counter, let Dollar simply include a child safety seat in your rental.

With many of these options available at a minimal cost, you can afford to buy a little peace of mind when you rent a car from Dollar.

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