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Open wide for the outdoors of Phoenix

While visiting America's sunniest metropolis, you'll want to advantage of the beautiful climate to see some of the breathtaking nature surrounding this urban getaway. Outdoor activities are one of the most popular tourist attractions thanks to the scenic Sonoran desert and indigenous plants and wildlife in this desert oasis, and it's easy to take your Phoenix car rental to visit some of the attractions that showcase the beauty of the American southwest. From spectacular sunsets to looming cactuses, Phoenix is home to some of the most unique natural aesthetics in the world.

Camelback Mountain
Take your car rental in Phoenix just 20 minutes north of Phoenix to Camelback Mountain, a local icon frequented by thousands of visitors each year. Known for its red sandstone cliffs and telltale hump, the summit of Camelback Mountain stands at a breathtaking 2,704 feet above sea level. The strenuous and steep hike to the summit is best left to experienced hikers, but hikers of all skill levels can enjoy up-close exploration by traversing trails at Camelback's base.

Hot Air Expeditions
Jump in your Phoenix car rental and drive to the Hot Air Expeditions launch site to find out why tourists and native Arizonans alike flock to balloon rides for an unforgettable view of the Arizona desert. Champagne flights feature gourmet food created by local chefs, including treats like quiche lorraine and chocolate-filled croissants - is your mouth watering yet? Because flights typically stay close to the ground at under 400 feet, it's common to see animals such as deer and jackrabbits scurrying around the desert. Hot air flights also offer a perfect opportunity for photographers - there's no building tall enough to block your view from Phoenix at this vantage point!

Desert Botanical Garden
For a more relaxed approach to outdoor adventure, take your car rental in Phoenix to the Desert Botanical Garden. Plants native to deserts and other arid landscapes worldwide are featured in a picturesque outdoor setting, and the Desert Botanical Garden displays more than 50,000 plants throughout five thematic trails. Plan your visit on a Saturday to experience one of the most popular special events, Corks & Cactus, a celebration of desert life that includes wine tasting, performances by local bands, and the opportunity to purchase your favorite wine selection during the event.

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