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Vacation Packing Tips: Pack Light & Save Space

Even if you’re taking a road trip in a rental car that’s bigger than your regular ride, it’s still a good idea to pack relatively light. Not only will packing light not bog you down at the hotel, but it will also help keep the fuel efficiency of your rental at optimum levels.

To reduce the number of bags you’re packing in – and make the most of the space you have, below are seven tips to get you from point A to point B with everything you need – and nothing you don’t.

  • Edit. Edit. Edit. That’s right. Pare down what you’ll wear on vacation. Think in basics. Black trousers, a gray skirt, one great pair of jeans – and tops, shoes and accessories that can work with all of the pieces. This way you’ll have plenty of options without adding bulk to your bag.

  • Compression bags. Slip your bulkiest items into a compression bag and in seconds it will be pancake flat and nestled in the bottom of your suitcase.

  • Skip (most of) the toiletries. With many hotels offering luxury toiletries, there’s no need to bring your go-to shampoo on the road. Instead, just pack your necessities, like styling wax, deodorant, razor and the most basic of makeup. (Because really, do you honestly need those big false eyelashes for a business meeting?)

  • Rain gear. If an umbrella is a must-have at your destination, either pack the smallest travel umbrella you can find or pick one up at a drug store or hotel gift shop once you arrive.

  • Purses and bags. Skip the big purse you use everyday. Instead, slide your wallet into a clutch and slip that into your carry-on or personal item (if you’re flying). If you’re driving, just keep your handbags to one – if you can.

  • Roll it up. You can fit more in a piece of luggage if you tightly roll your clothes and layer them inside.

  • Skip the extra shoes. Shoes take up an awful lot of space – but keeping your tootsies comfy is an absolute must. So wear one pair and pack a second. That said, it’s best to make both pairs of shoes ones you’ve already broken in – that way you won’t wind up with a throbbing blister in the middle of your journey.

Flyers: Need more incentive to keep the size of your bag to a minimum? Virtually every airline out there is now charging a fee for the first checked bag. So if you can pack everything you need into your carry-on and personal item it will help you save money for the fun times ahead.

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