Snap up your vacation memories
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Snap up your vacation memories

Friday, June 22, 2012 4:53:56 PM

Remember after your first child was born how many pictures you took of his or her first few weeks of life, capturing EVERYTHING. Now, your kids' growth surprises you every day, but when do you have time to get out your old Kodak? To keep yourself from missing out on yet another great memory, you may want to look into a trip that includes a great photography class. 

The perfect shot

If you're headed to Southern California, you'll likely find yourself visiting a number of theme and national parks. Before you've picked up your car rental in Los Angeles, however, you may want to look into possible local photography courses. Outdoor Adventure River Specialists host a number of classes where you can learn to shoot the natural scenery like Ansel Adams, yet still grab those candid moments of your family. You can take these skills with you on the road, snapping up photos of your road trip for your next family album.

Take in the sounds

Did you see the Hollywood sign? How about the Staples Center? You're bound to hear these questions when you return home. And that's fine, because the sights are important. But they're only a fragment of a vacationing experience.

Have you ever come back from a vacation and told your friends, "Oh, I wish you could have heard the birds near our campsite!" or "The local musician had the most beautiful guitar solo!" The advancements of cameras and smartphones now allow you to record the sounds you here in addition to all that you see. Try it out! Hearing your kids' sweet little voices on tape years from now (after they've hit puberty and apathetic adolescence) will be something you'll surely cherish.

Think like a child

Photographer Amber Flowers recommends trying to look at your destination with a sense of wonder and curiosity that your children are sure to embody. By doing so, you'll be able to uncover the unusual sights and sounds, viewpoints and moments that only a kid would otherwise think to look at.

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