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Drive through the mountains in your Denver rental car

Denver, Colorado is known as a destination for adventure. Here you'll find mild, beautiful summers and snowy winters, all of which are great for sightseeing! Whether you want to kick back and relax or explore, you'll find plenty to do here with your Denver rental car.

The Adventure Shack
There are so many incredible things to do in Denver, from enjoying crystal clear waters to climbing mountains. If you're looking to get out on a lake or river, head to The Adventure Shack to get outfitted with an 8- or 10-foot kayak. These roomy vessels will allow for you to stretch your legs and feel comfortable for a few hours of paddling. You may even be able to have a young son or daughter sit with you in the boat ; they can be in your lap if you are comfortable with their presence there and ability to stay balanced. At the shack, you'll get kayaks, paddles and life jackets so you're ready for your big adventure. The only other thing you'll need is sunscreen!

Want to get to know Denver without using all your (wo)manpower? Head to ScooTours Denver Scooter Rentals where you can strap on a helmet and hop on a scooter. These fun vehicles give you a chance to check out the city without spending all your energy walking or pedaling. Just rev the engine and steer! Anyone age 18 and older who has a driver's license can maneuver these sweet scooters and mopeds. Although there's no Eiffel Tower in this area, you'll go past museums and attractions worth checking out! Not sure where to go? Sign up for a guided tour where an experienced Denver resident will lead you around town pointing out all the cool spots to eat, drink and relax. Remember, you must be 18 and up, so this is a great activity for older families.

Denver Zoo
Drive your Denver rental car to see awesome animals at 2300 Steele Street. The Denver Zoo hosts a plethora of exciting creatures for you to view in their natural habitats. Just about every character in "The Lion King" is featured here, from a common warthog like Pumba to lions like Simba and Mufasa, and even hyenas! There are also some animals that you might spot from your car in the countryside surrounding Denver, like bighorn sheep or bears. The zoo also hosts reptiles and amphibians and some cool colorful fish. You're sure to find some critters you love in Denver.

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Dollar Rent A Car – Denver International Airport

23520 East 78th Avenue
Denver, CO 80207
Phone: 866-434-2226
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