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Hilo Discounts

Saving money on your Hilo getaway

Send some quality time with the family in Hilo, where you can enjoy the immense natural splendor of its sparkling, warm waters, pristine beaches and array of lush gardens and rainforests. While Hawaii is known for being one of the country's priciest travel spots, there are many ways you can save money during your visit. For example, you can save money on transportation with one of Dollar Rent A Car's Hilo rental cars, and get even better deals on these affordable options with Hilo discounts. Another way to save big bucks is to seek out free sites and events for your getaway, such as these:


Pana`ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens

A Hilo car rental can get you to the Pana`ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens, where admission is always free of charge. This site is the only natural tropical rainforest zoo in the country, and it houses more than 80 different species. You'll come across the rare white Bengal tiger and the Hawaii state bird - the Nene - which is endangered. The grounds of the zoo also serve as a botanical garden, where you can see more than 100 types of palm tree and various flora, such as tropical rhododendrons and colorful orchids.


Wailuku River State Park

From the downtown area, take your Hilo car rental on a short drive along Waianuene Avenue until you reach the Wailuku River State Park. This stunning landscape is home to Rainbow Falls, or Waianuene as locals call it. The falls crash down 80 feet and creates a delightful mist that spurs the formation of colorful rainbows. Another highlight of the park is Peepee Falls, which pour water into the Boiling Pots  - bubbli

ng pools so beautiful and unique that they attract visitors from all around the world.

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