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Kansas City Discounts

Free things to do in Kansas City

The City of Fountains has a lot more to offer than water-spouting springs - the city has a bustling downtown, a heavy sports culture and plenty of riverside attractions to keep you entertained on vacation. If you're interested in a trip to this Missouri destination, start planning your vacation by shopping for affordable Kansas City rental cars. Dollar Rent A Car is currently offering top Kansas City discounts on vehicles. Then, make your way around to these free sites:

C.W. Parker Carousel Museum

Take a Kansas City car rental to Esplanade Street to visit the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum. The quirky institution reveals the life and endeavors of Charles Wallace Parker, who bought his first carousel in the 1980s and went on to start his own traveling carnival supply company. Learn about the history of steam carousels and the transition into electrical systems - he called his like "Carry-Us-Alls." In the museum, you'll find old horses and parts from these machines as well as three complete carousels that date as far back as 1850.

City Hall Observation Deck

Head to the city's third tallest building - City Hall - to get a gorgeous view of the area from the observation deck located on the 30th floor. You'll be perched 443 feet above ground, and the building is erected on large hill, so it feels even higher. Look down and you may even be able to see your Kansas City car rental parked below. This is one of the tallest city halls in the country and, in its heyday, was the loftiest building in the city. Be sure to notice its unique neo-classic architecture and art-deco ornamentation. As you make your way to the top, you'll notice the sculpted brass elevators that depict the four major modes of transportation: plane, boat, car and train.

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