Mexico Insurance FAQs

What is Mexico Insurance?

  • Mexico Insurance provides a customer with liability and asset protection necessary to be in compliance with Mexican law while visiting Mexico

Why am I required to purchase it?

  • Border Patrol requires a renter to be covered under a Mexico Insurance policy in order to enter Mexico as it provides legal compliance to the renter/occupants and associated vehicle crossing the border

Is it required even if I have a US auto insurance policy?

  • Yes, Mexico does not recognize US issued auto insurance policies

What does the insurance cover?

  • Liability for injury and/or damages to third parties*
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage for the rental vehicle*
  • Theft of rental vehicle*
  • Medical expenses for vehicle occupants*

What are the additional benefits of Mexico Insurance, in addition to legal compliance?

  • Local legal representation of the renter, if necessary
  • Transportation of the rental car, if not drivable, to US border for pickup by Hertz

What if I have additional questions?

  • For more information, please see a counter agent at your rental location or contact Hertz by phone.

*Coverage limits

  • Collision: $300.00 deductible
  • Comprehensive Deductible: $1,000.00
  • Medical Expense Limit: $75,000.00
  • Third Party Liability Limit:  $300,000.00 (Combined Single Limit for injury and/or property damage)
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