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Dollar Express Rewards FAQs

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Dollar Express Rewards Enrollment & Renter Rewards FAQs

As a Dollar Express Rewards member, you can enjoy benefits such as:

Earn Free days with Renter Rewards

Enjoy Quicker reservations, rentals and returns

Receive preferential service at the VIP counter

Join for free. No fees, dues or contracts

If you have additional questions, see our FAQs below.

Dollar Express Rewards Enrollment FAQS

Browse the enrollment questions below, or please contact our Member Support at 1-866-776-6667 or through our Dollar Express Rewards Feedback form.

Why do you need a company name? What if I'm self-employed, retired or unemployed?

As part of the general rental policies, we need to have additional contact information that includes an employer name and phone. If you do not work, are retired, or self-employed, please enter "retired," "self-employed" or "unemployed" in the field and provide us with an alternative contact phone number.

I lost my membership card. How do I request a new one?

Cards can be printed from the website. We no longer send cards via mail.

How long will my membership be valid?

As long as the credit card and driver’s license on the account are valid.

Why do you need an employer phone number?

As part of the general rental policies, we need an additional method of contact. This can be an employer phone, mobile phone, or local contact information. If you are retired, unemployed or self-employed, please enter "unemployed," "retired" or "self-employed" in the company name field and provide us with an additional contact telephone number.

What information is needed to enroll?

All you'll need to enroll is your driver's license and a major credit card. If you don't want to earn free rental days with Dollar Express Rewards, you'll need your airline frequent flyer account numbers. We'll ask you for your address, car preference, and the options you'd like to have on every rental. It's fast, free, and easy to sign up.

Why are there 6 partners on the list? Do I have to use all 6? Will I receive rewards for all 6 when I rent?

You may store up to 6 different partners in your profile with whom you can earn rewards. Each time you make a reservation, you can select if you want to change your preferred partner. If you do not change your primary partner, you will earn rewards or miles from the partner listed as Partner 1. With Dollar Express Rewards, you can earn free rental days or you can choose to earn airline miles or hotel points. For more information regarding our partners, please see our partners listing.

Why do I have to select the Peace of Mind options now?

The Dollar Express Rewards program is designed to provide speed of service. You give us all of the information required for the rental in your enrollment. When you get to the counter, we've already selected your car and pre-printed your rental agreement. Since you will have selected your Peace of Mind options in your profile, we will not try to sell you any insurance options at the counter. Please make sure you select the options you want for every rental.

How does the Fuel Purchase Option work?

If you mark the 'Accept' box on your enrollment form for the Prepaid Fuel option, you will pay for a full tank of fuel at the price set forth on the Rental Agreement, and you have no obligation to refill the fuel tank. At most of our locations, the prepaid fuel charge is calculated by multiplying the stated rate per gallon charge in the Rental Agreement by the manufacturer's specified fuel tank capacity for the vehicle. There is no credit or refund given for any fuel in the tank at the end of the rental. If you decline our prepaid fuel option, please refuel within 10 miles and present your receipt or you will be charged for the fuel used.

What if I have a P.O. Box for an address?

Our rental policies require a physical address in order to rent a vehicle. P.O. Boxes are welcome to be used as a mailing address, however, a physical address (work, home, or other) needs to be in the Street Address field. If a P.O. Box is in the street address, we will inactivate the account until a physical address is provided. Click here for more questions on general policies.

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Dollar Express Renter Rewards FAQs

Browse the Renter Rewards questions below, or please contact our Member Support at 1-866-776-6667 or through our Dollar Express Rewards Feedback form.

Will my points expire?

Renter Rewards points do not expire as long as you have Dollar Express Rewards rental activity in the last 24 months. Activity means a Renter Reward point was either earned or redeemed on a rental.

How do I make sure my rentals will count toward points?

Provide your member ID at time of reservation or if making a reservation through our 1-800 number, you must advise the representative of your Member ID to earn points.

Are all locations and car classes available when redeeming free rental days? Are there blackout dates when redeeming free rental days?

Free rental days are available at participating locations in the US and Canada only; valid for compact, midsize, and full-size cars only.

How do I request missing points?

If you believe you are missing any points, you can request a retro credit up to six months from the rental return as long as you were a Dollar Express Rewards member at the time the rental occurred. You must log into your profile here, click "Missing Points" and complete the online form.

How many points does it take to earn a free rental day?

500 points for a 1-day weekend rental and 625 points for a 1-day weekday rental. To learn more about rewards points, click here.

How do I redeem my points for free rental days?

To redeem Renter Rewards Points and reserve a car online, log in here and make your reservation. Remember to check the yellow box "Use my Dollar Express Rewards points." If your itinerary qualifies for a Reward, you'll see your options on the "Review and Book" page.

How do I earn points when renting at Dollar global locations?

You have to be enrolled in the Dollar Express Rewards program to earn points at participating locations in the US and Canada.

Can I share my Renter Rewards with family or friends?

No, Renter Rewards are account holder specific.

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