Corporate Responsibility

Red Toyota Yaris

At Dollar, Corporate Responsibility is driven by a global vision. Our vision is to remain responsive to the needs of our employees, support the communities in which we live and work, and provide our customers dependable and innovative solutions. We’re committed to doing the right thing.

For more information, Click Here to view our 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report!

Check out some fuel-saving tips below to make your ride easier on the planet and your wallet.

Fuel-saving tips from Dollar

  • Relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Save up to $1.06/gallon by avoiding rapid acceleration and rapid braking.

  • Lighten the load.

  • Remove unnecessary items. Every extra 100 lbs. in the car costs up to $0.03/gallon.

  • Streamline and save.

  • Transporting heavy cargo lowers fuel efficiency by up to 25%.

  • 50 mpg rule.

  • Every 5 mph driven over 50 mph equates to paying an additional $0.37/gallon for gas.

We never forget whose dollar it is.
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