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Congratulations, you’ve just entered the place to find the best car rental rates on the internet. No, really. The Dollar Travel Center has everything you need to make your next rental your best one yet.

On this page, you’ll find information and links explaining all our travel partnership deals, discounts, and rewards programs. We’ve also put together a host of handy trip planning tools, like our mobile app, weather tracker, and, of course, our easy-to-use reservation system.

We even have a lost and found for anything you might have left behind in your last rental. Can’t find your sunglasses after the family beach trip? Maybe we’re wearing them right now. Let’s reunite you both.

When we said everything you need, we really meant it. So, let’s get started.

Association Discounts

Want to learn about our various travel associations? Vist this page to find out more.

Travel Partners

Earn miles, credits or points with Dollar's travel partners, including airline, hotel, and car rental, every time you rent from Dollar.

Travel Agents

Travel agents, log in with your IATA to find Dollar rates or to get personalized information.

Travel Tools

From GPS Navigation and roadside assistance to air travel and hotel reservations, Dollar's travel tools will help make planning your trip a smooth ride.

Tour Operator Log In

Tour Operators, log in with your Dollar Tour Account number.

Mobile Apps

It's easier than ever to search our lowest rates and make a reservation.

Lost & Found

Lost an item during your travel? Contact the return location through our Lost & Found assistance.

Blackout Dates

Some of our Corporate Discount Program (CDP)/Partnership rates and special offers are subject to blackout periods throughout the year and could vary by location.

Our Partners

Earn Points at Lightning Speed with Dollar Express Rewards

Fly High with Extra Rewards from Our Airline Rental Car Rewards Program

Stay Longer with Additional Hotel Points Through Our Hotel Rewards Program

More Ways to Earn and Save!

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