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For a copy of your receipt on a completed rental, please click here

To view Tesla Supercharging fees use our Get Receipt tool and open “EV Charging Costs.” click here.

For Lost & found items, please click here.

For a toll charge receipt, please click here

  1. Fuel Charges: If you prepaid for fuel using our Fuel Purchase Option and  returned the vehicle with a full tank, please understand that we do not issue refunds for unused fuel. If you did not pre-purchase fuel, please submit your concern and include a fuel receipt to
  2. Credit/Debit Card Holds: If you have returned the rental vehicle more than 7 business days ago and still see pending holds on your credit/debit card, please contact your financial institution as they are responsible for releasing authorization holds back to your account. We are not able to request the release on your behalf.

SiriusXM Troubleshooting & Activations: For Sirius XM radio to function correctly, the radio must first acquire the Sirius signal. At the moment your Dollar contract was printed, Sirius began sending an activation signal, the radio must be turned on and under open sky to be received. The activation signal is sent for a period of 6 hours, if the service has not activated in the first 6 hours of your rental, please text 855-954-3789 for assistance.

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