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Dollar 4Business™ Corporate Rate Plan

Small to Mid-sized Business Program

Dollar4Business The Corporate Rate Plan offers pre-set corporate rates that are valid throughout the year. So if it's a peak season and rates are higher, you are guaranteed your pre-set corporate rate. This enables our small to mid-sized customers to accurately estimate your car rental expenses upfront.

Corporate Rate Plan reservations can be made on any booking channel - dollar.com, toll free at 800-800-4000 or through a travel agent. A Corporate Account (CDP) number will be provided for use in all reservations.

This plan offers corporate account benefits based on the level of annual car rental expenditure committed to Dollar. Some benefits that may apply are the following:

For more information, call 800-331-3550 or fax 405-979-3330.

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a.  Minimum of two rentals per year are required to maintain an account.
b.  Corporate accounts with a minimum rental volume commitment of $10,000 may qualify for our billing program.
c.  Company ID may be required at time of rental to ensure receipt of all applicable corporate rates and benefits.
d.  Rates include unlimited mileage in renting and bordering states.  However, repeated excessive mileage (mileage which routinely exceeds 4,200 miles/kms per month) may result in immediate rate or mileage cap changes to the corporate account program.  Applies to all Continental U.S.A. locations and major Canadian airport locations.
e.  Smaller accounts (no agreement required) are subject to rate and benefit changes without prior notice.








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