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AAA Car Rental Discount Codes

Are you a AAA Member? Take advantage of your membership by using your AAA discount code when you reserve your Dollar car rental. To apply the AAA discount to your reservation:

Find your AAA club CDP code below.

Click on your code, and enter your reservation details.

Be sure to show your AAA Membership card at the rental counter.

AAA Corporate Discount Codes

AAA Akron Auto Club 3000115 AAA North Penn 3000222
AAA Alabama 3000101 AAA Ohio Auto Club 3000130
AAA Allied Group 3000007 AAA Oklahoma 3000212
AAA Arizona 3000005 AAA Oregon/Idaho 3000177
AAA Auto Club South 3000014 AAA Pioneer Valley 3000045
AAA Carolinas 3000111 AAA Reading-Berks 3000219
AAA Central Penn 3000195 AAA Schuylkill County 3000217
AAA Chicago Motor Club 3000020 AAA Shelby County 3000160
AAA Colorado 3000006 AAA Southern New England 3000240
AAA Club Alliance         3000212 AAA Southern New York 3000083
AAA East Central 3000215 AAA Southern Pennsylvania 3000238
AAA East Tennessee 3000243 AAA South Dakota 3000241
AAA Hawaii 3000018 AAA South Jersey 3000071
AAA Hoosier Motor Club 3000023 AAA Texas 3000252
AAA Hudson Valley 3000080 AAA Tidewater Virginia 3000258
AAA Michigan 3068965 AAA Washington 3000260
AAA Mid-Atlantic 3000212  AAA Western & Central New York  3000084
AAA Minneapolis 3000057 AAA Wisconsin 3000270
AAA Minnesota/Iowa 3000049 Automobile Club of Southern California 3000004
AAA Missouri 3111845 Findlay Automobile Club 3000137
AAA MountainWest 3000005
AAA Nebraska 3000069
AAA New Mexico 3000072
AAA Northampton County 3000188
AAA Northeast 3000240
 AAA New York         3000097 
AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah                   3000005
AAA Northern New England 3000036
AAA Northway 3000104
AAA North Dakota 3000113
AAA North Jersey 3000240

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