Frequently asked questions about the government programs.

Frequently asked questions about the government programs.
What is the Government Administrative Rate Supplement (GARS) fee?
This is a $5 per day fee mandated by the U.S. Government to the car rental industry.

Are government rates available to Federal government/U.S. Military employees on leisure/non-official travel?
Yes, the same low government rates available for official government travel are also available to government employees on leisure/non-official travel. However, other benefits such as unlimited mileage and free Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) are not available for leisure/non-official travel.

What are Dollar's government rates?
To find out how competitive Dollar's government rates are, please check with your local Travel Agent.

What car classes are available under Dollar's government rates?
Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Full Size, Luxury, SUV, and Minivans.

Are special or discounted rates available for weekly or monthly rates?
Yes. Contact your local Travel Agent office for rates.

Do I need a credit card for rental?
On official travel, a credit card is not necessary. However, you will need a copy of your official travel orders and will need to provide a cash deposit up front for the estimated amount of the rental. If you are on leisure/non-official, you will need a major credit card for payment.

Are government rates with Dollar good only in the U.S.?
No. Dollar provides government rates in several different countries. Please note, that in the U.S., Dollar is one of the few companies to provide government rates at all Dollar locations.

Is there a charge for additional drivers?
For official travel, no. For leisure/non-official travel, yes.

Is there a minimum age requirement?
Yes. For official travel, it is 18 years of age. For leisure/non-official travel, it is 20 years of age, unless otherwise mandated by state law. 

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