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Rental Policies

No Smoking Policy

Dollar has a strict no smoking policy

If evidence of smoking is present in the vehicle, customers will incur a Smoke Cleaning Fee of $400 and may be placed on our Do Not Rent List.

If smoking evidence is found, the Vehicle will be treated with our Freshwave product and deodorized with a specially developed electronic oxidation device, to eliminate the smoke/e-Cigarette odor. De-smoking requires the vehicle to be taken out of service for up to 24 hours, therefore a Smoke Cleaning Fee of $400 will apply when evidence of smoking is present.

Pet Policy

Dollar welcomes pets, but rental vehicles must be returned without damage and in clean condition to avoid a cleaning fee. Excessive pet hair, soiling or damage caused by animals will results in an extra cleaning charge. Extra cleaning charges range from $50-$250 depending on the additional time needed to clean the vehicle and whether the vehicle needs to be taken out of service for cleaning.

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